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Sindy Lerm Specialist Wellness Counsellor & Psychometrist

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As a counsellor I am bound to a specific scope of practice which is comprehensive but excludes psychotherapy, social work, medical health work and occupational therapy.​


The generic scope of a life skills practice is that of wellness which includes, but is not limited to, providing support in interpersonal social relationships, spiritual growth, marital relationships, parental relationships, health related issues such as stress management, lifestyle management in prevention of chronic diseases, victim empowerment, trauma debriefing, household planning, HIV/AIDS, counselling, workplace adaptation, risk taking, study methods, management of anxiety and depression, substance abuse, support of vulnerable people, meeting cultural issues and diversity in the workplace, improvement of employment prospects, support to people with disabilities, mental preparation for retirement and any other general problem that people encounter in day to day living.​


I work on primary health care level, and is as such obliged to terminate counselling and refer clients to a professional (doctor, psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist) where their counselling, with reference to possible pathology or dysfunction, falls outside the scope of my practice.

Important notice:  If you are experiencing physical or sexual abuse or any other legal matter, it is crucial that you seek help from the appropriate authorities or organizations.  As a counsellor, I am here to offer support and guidance, but I am not equipped to handle legal matters.  Please seek the help you need to ensure your safety or the safety and well-being of others.

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