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About Me

In my Practice I have found life experience to be invaluable in Counselling.

A Counsellor with life experience has likely faced many of the same struggles that you are facing now.  They understand what it's like to feel lost, confused and overwhelmed, and they can draw upon their own experiences to provide you with practical and effective guidance. 


As a Counsellor with over four decades of life experience, I offer a wealth of valuable insights and perspectives that can help you overcome your struggles and achieve your goals. 


My experience is an invaluable asset that contribute to my competence in guiding and supporting clients. 


Through the challenges, successes and setbacks that I have experienced myself, I have developed a deep sense of empathy, understanding and insight that allows me to connect with my clients on a profound level.  

I see children as well as adults for Counselling.

LGBTQ friendly.

Important notice:  If you are experiencing physical or sexual abuse or any other legal matter, it is crucial that you seek help from the appropriate authorities or organizations.  As a counsellor, I am here to offer support and guidance, but I am not equipped to handle legal matters.  Please seek the help you need to ensure your safety or the safety and well-being of others.



HPCSA Psychometrist (Independent Practice)

Membership no:  PMT 0076902

ASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor

Licence no:  SWC22/1218


2000:  BA degree Psychology & Sociology (CUM LAUDE)

2001:  BA Hons degree Psychology (CUM LAUDE)


Courses completed:

Creating a Happy Marriage and Loving Relationship

Trauma debriefing facilitator

Life Coaching

Solution based Counselling

Meditation teacher & practitioner

Health & Nutrition life coaching


The science of well-being (Yale University)

Depression:  How to recover naturally

Personal Transformation breakthrough

Happiness Life Coach Certification



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