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(Cash/Card machine/Pay online)

I see clients of all ages, children as well as adults.

As a Specialist Wellness Counsellor registered at the ASCHP my practice areas include, but is not limited to:

*  Management of stress, anxiety & depression;

*  Low self-esteem Counselling;

*  Bereavement Counselling;

*  Anger management Counselling;

*  Infertility Counselling;

*  Any other general problem that people encounter in day to day living.

R400 (1 hr session) 

Please book online.

I am registered at most Medical Aids in South Africa for Psychometry only. 

Medical aid coverage is contingent upon the availability of funds in the client's medical aid plan or whether the specific service is covered by the plan. 


It is advisable to determine this information prior to scheduling a session.

If your medical aid does not cover the costs, the service will need to be paid for in cash.

Life Coaching

(Cash/Card machine/Pay online)

Life coaching can be incredibly helpful for individuals who are seeking guidance and support in achieving their goals and improving their overall quality of life.  

A life coach can provide objective feedback, help individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours and develop strategies for achieving their goals.  

Life coaching can also assist with improving communication skills, building self-confidence and managing stress and anxiety.  

By working with a life coach, individuals can gain greater clarity and direction in their lives, leading to increased fulfillment and happiness.

R400 (1 hr session)

Please book online.

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