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Medical Aid rates apply.


As a Psychometrist (Independent Practice) registered at the HPCSA I can assist with the following:

Career Assessments:

Interest Questionnaires

*  23 Field Interest Questionnaire (23 FIQ)

*  Career Development Questionnaire (CDQ):  Adolescents (Grade 8 - 12) and young adults

*  Loopbaan Ontwikkelings vraelys (LOV):  Adolessente (Graad 8 - 12) en jong volwassenes

*  South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII):  Grades 8 - 12 and adults

*  Suid-Afrikaanse Beroeps Belangstellings Vraelys (SABBV):  Graad 8 - 12 en volwassenes

Aptitude Tests

*  Differential Aptitude Test (Form S):  Grade 7 - 10 

*  Differensiele Aanlegtoets (Vorm S):  Graad 7 - 10

*  Differential Aptitude Test (Form L):  Grade 10 - 12 and adults

*  Differensiele Aanlegtoets (Vorm L):  Graad 10 - 12 en volwassenes

*  Differential Aptitude Test (Form K):  Grade 10 to adults

*  Differensiele Aanlegtoets (Vorm K):  Graad 10 en volwassenes (coming soon)

*  DAT R (coming soon)

Personality tests

*  Jung Personality Questionnaire (Eng & Afr):  Grade 9 - 12 and post-school level

*  Values Scale (Eng & Afr):  high school learners, students and adults


Proficiency tests (coming soon):

*  Mathematical Proficiency Test:  Learner who has successfully completed the Mathematics curriculum for Grade 11 and applied for study and/or bursary selection.  Especially where the studies or occupations involve mathematics proficiency.


*  Home Life Questionnaire (coming soon)

*  Survey of study habits and attitudes Form C

Self-discovery and personal growth assessment:

Are you curious about your personality type?  Do you want to gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses and communication style?  If so, a personality test can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

*  understand your unique personality type;

*  helps people in relationships communicate better and deal with conflicts;

*  make informed career choices;

*  enhance personal growth by identifying areas for development;

*  understand how various personality types learn and interpret information;

*  spiritual guidance;

*  developing workplace cohesion;

*  helping people to understand how they make decisions;

*  select a career that is satisfying and fulfilling.

This is a tool which is frequently used to help individuals understand their own communication preference and how they interact with others.  

Based on your personality type, a counsellor can help you set goals that will allow you to gain a better sense of your identity and adjust to challenging situations.

Personality tests are popular because people seek hidden information about themselves, wanting to understand and access their true nature.  People also have an inherent desire to belong, identifying with a personality type can help people feel normal and understood - there are similar people out there.  

Take the test and you might find out some valuable things that could help you with your relationships at home and at work.​​

I am registered at most Medical Aids in South Africa for Psychometry only. 

Medical aid coverage is contingent upon the availability of funds in the client's medical aid plan or whether the specific service is covered by the plan. 


It is advisable to determine this information prior to scheduling a session.

If your medical aid does not cover the costs, the service will need to be paid for in cash.


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