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My Approach

I serve to enhance the total wellbeing of my clients by making use of a systems approach to counselling – working towards achieving wholeness within the integrative unity of body, mind and spirit. The level of counselling is that of primary health care. 

I am competent to lend comprehensive and specialized counselling support towards the improvement of the quality of life by assisting client’s in resolving conflicts, improving relationships, sorting out general problems, coping with life’s challenges and finding inner peace. 

My practice areas include, but is not limited to:

Management of stress, anxiety & depression;

Couples, Pre-marital, Marriage Counselling;

Low self-esteem Counselling;

Bereavement Counselling;

Anger management Counselling;

Infertility Counselling;

Life Coaching;

Any other general problem that people encounter in day to day living.


As a wellness counsellor I focus on the following aspects that lead to greater fulfillment:


*Occupational wellness refers to work satisfaction, having the opportunity to be creative and innovative, finding fulfilment in taking care of our families by offering our services and competencies.


*Physical wellness identifies the need for physical activity, diet, sleep and nutrition to stay healthy and to be functional.


*Social wellness include relationships with reference to a sense of connection, belonging and having a well developed support system.


*Emotional wellness helps one cope effectively and creates satisfying relationships.


*Environmental wellness takes into account a pleasant and stimulating living space.


*Spiritual wellness allows one to expand a sense of meaning and purpose.


*Intellectual wellness is related to the expansion of knowledge and skills to foster creativeness. 

Important notice:  If you are experiencing physical or sexual abuse or any other legal matter, it is crucial that you seek help from the appropriate authorities or organizations.  As a counsellor, I am here to offer support and guidance, but I am not equipped to handle legal matters.  Please seek the help you need to ensure your safety or the safety and well-being of others.

As a Psychometrist (Independent Practice) registered at the HPCSA I can assist with Psychometric assessments for Individuals as well as for Couples.

While my Counselling services are not eligible for reimbursement through medical aid, I do offer psychometric assessments for individuals and couples that can be claimed from medical aid.  These assessments can provide valuable insights into personality traits, strengths and areas of growth.  By utilizing these insights, individuals and couples can work on developing strategies to manage stress, improve communication and enhance relationships.  For couples, personality assessments can provide insights into each others personalities, helping to deepen their understanding and create a more fulfilling relationship. 

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